Full and Half Lease Program
We have a number of wonderful horses available for lease.
Horse Leasing is a great opportunity for any level of rider to improve their skills, expand their horse
husbandry experience and be a great stepping stone to owning your own horse.
Leasing gives you the experience of owning without the responsibility and expense beyond the lease
term. Leasing can be the most cost effective way of advancing a student to the next level in their
riding, before they consider purchasing their own horse.
There are 2 components to most lease situations: the lease fee and the cost of care.
The lease fee varies from horse to horse, depending on their athletic ability, training and demeanor.
This is a fee you pay to the owner of the horse over and above the cost of care.
The cost of care also varies from horse to horse. While most things such as board are a relatively
consistent in price, the cost of shoeing, additional feed/supplements, and training needs can affect
the cost of care.
Leases are Full or Half. A Full Lease entitles you to complete access to the horse as though you own
it. A Half Lease entitles you to limited access to the horse - up to 3 days a week.
Additional benefits to Leasing:
*Reduced rate for lessons.
*Priority when scheduling lesson times.
*Use of your lease horse for your lessons (except make up lesson when only half leasing).
*Use of your lease horse for showing.
*Horse use fee ($60) is waived at horse shows.
HVRA Horses lease horses
Level 1 horse – This horse is suitable for riders from the walk/trot through crossrail level.
Typically this level of horse only does simple changes and shows at the county level.
Level 2 horse – This horse is suitable for riders through the 2’/2’3 level. This horse typically will
have lead changes and shows at the county level.
Level 3 horse - This horse is suitable for riders through the 2’6 level. This horse does have lead
changes and would be considered a Competition/Show horse for the county and higher level.
Outside Lease horse – Riders wishing to jump/compete at a level higher than 2’6 will need to
purchase or lease horse a horse of that caliber. Lease fees for Competition/Show horses often run
in the range of $8,000-$20,000 per year. When you are ready to take that step will are here to help

Lease Fee Structure for HVRA Horses – Full and Half Leases
                             1 year contract           6 month contract            3 month contract               1 month contract
Level 1 horse full           $2000                      $1250                                $750                              $300
Level 1 horse half          $1000                       $625                                 $375                              $150
Level 2 horse full           $3000                       $2000                               $1250                            $500
Level 2 horse half*         $1500                       $1000                               $625                              $250
Level 3 horse full           $5000                       $3500                               $2000                             n/a
Level 3 horse half*         $3000                       $1750                               $1000                            n/a
*Level 2 and 3 horse are restricted from jumping full height more than 3 times a week

Cost of Care Estimates
Basic Monthly Items                   Full lease          ½ lease
Board (24x24 1/2 cover)                             $350                   $175
Tack Room Rental                                       $15                     $15
Farrier Services - every 5-7 weeks                $140-$190          $70-$95
Additional feed/lunch (approximately)         $70                    $35
Supplements/medication (approximately)    $30-50               $15-$25
Semi Annual/Annual Items
Wormer every 3 month                                 $10                    $5
Annual/Every other Year dentistry                $200                  $100
Semi-Annual vaccinations $60 $30
When needed Items
Body shaving (1 or 2 times season)               $120                 $60
Joint injections - hocks                                  $450-600          $225-$300
Blanketing in winter                                      $60                   $30
Other things may crop up, but the list above is the most common costs associated with leasing and
Tack Estimates
In time, you may want to purchase your own equipment (especially a saddle), but we will provide
the following items as part of your lease. In most lease situations (other barns, outside lease horse)
you are required to purchase your own tack, so not having to buy all your own equipment
dramatically offsets the HVRA lease fee. Should any items be broken during use you will be
expected to replace them. You will need to purchase your own consumable goods such as fly
spray, shampoo, horse cookies and such.
Sheet/fly sheet $60
Winter blanket $150
Saddle $650-$2500
Bridle with bit $250
Saddle pads $200
Girth $100
Split boots $75
Bell boots $30
Total cost of tack $1500-$4000

Lease Lesson Rates

As mentioned, your lesson rates are reduced when on a leased horse.
Single Lesson/Training Rate $65 (vs $75)
4 Lessons/Training Pre-Paid Package $200 (vs $260)
8 Lessons/Training Pre-Paid Package $360 (vs $440)

Trainer Commissions on Outside Lease, Purchases and Sales of Horses
Aside from teaching their clients to ride, trainers also play a vital role assisting clients in finding
suitable horses when it comes time to purchase or lease their own. As with many industries (real
estate agents for example) you hire a professional for their expertise as well their contacts in that
industry - both of which most riders/parents won’t have. I came across an article in Practical
Horseman magazine that states it well and plainly. “The purpose of commissions is to reimburse
agents (trainers/dealers serving as intermediaries for buyers and sellers) for their time and expertise
in helping you select a horse who will suit your goals. Many trainers have devoted years to developing
their skills in assessing horses and riders, and they strive to work in good faith for their clients. On a
practical note, because trainers generally experience high overhead in the form of staff and facility
costs and a low return on the time they spend on lessons and at shows, sales commissions ensure
their ability to earn a living”.
Industry standard is anywhere from 10-15%. We charge a 10% commission on the purchase/sale
prices or lease fee price of the horse, with a $500 minimum commission for all transactions
(because if we find you a great horse for less than $5,000 we have earned that little extra ;-). If we
negotiate a lease on client owned horse and another client, a flat fee of $500 will apply, to be split
between the 2 parties.
When purchasing/leasing a horse it is always best to negotiate a trial period if possible. This gives
you the ability to ride the horse on your “home turf” and allows us multiple rides in order to help
decide if the horse is suitable. During this trial period you will be financially responsible for hauling
to/from the barn, board/care while the horse is at our facility, and lessons and/or professional
rides and a pre-purchase exam. If the horse does not work out or pass a vet check, which can be
disappointing, consider it spending a little to save a lot.